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Problem with Aspose.Word mailmerge function GetFieldNamesEx

When I open a Word document with Aspose.Word and then call the method MailMerge.GetFieldNamesEx(), an exception is thrown. All my word documents are working correctly except one document.

The Exception message thrown is by MailMerge.GetFIeldNamesEx:

"Non-negative number required."
"Parameter name: count"

Below is an extract for the calling sequence:

Dim m_Doc As Aspose.Word.Document
Dim l_merge_fields() As String

m_Doc = New Aspose.Word.Document(l_model_path)
l_merge_fields = m_Doc.MailMerge.GetFieldNamesEx()

I will send you my MSWord document as an e-mail attachment to the support e-mail address

Please send the document to

I am resending it again. This document used to work with the demo version 2.1.? that we used before we upgraded to 2.1.7.
I am also attaching the version with the evaluation watermark that was generated just before the upgrade to version 2.1.7 (registered version). The mail merge was working fine with the evaluation version.
Attached you have 2 files:
(1) the template to use for the mailmerge operation.
(2) the document generated with the evaluation version (2.1.?).

Sorry this last post of yours somehow went unnoticed and I receive many files and I cannot relay your nickname here to any of the messages with documents I received.

Please send the message again and let me know your nickname in the message or subject of the post or whatever so I can relate the two.

I just resent the Word Document with the additional information you requested. Thanks for looking at this issue. We are planning to implement the solution in the production environment next week and this is the only outstanding issue we have.