Problem with autoshapes in Slide Master


Some autoshapes, that are located in the slidemaster are not recognized by Aspose.Slides.

See the attached file


I don’t see any autoshapes on a slide master.
There are 2 rectangles only.


And these rectangles are not recognized by Aspose.Slides.


What you mean “not recognized”?
Why I see these rectangles in the master’s Shapes collection?
The first one is filled with gradient and the second one is empty.


I mean, that when I parse that document using Aspose.Slides, I do not
see any shapes on the slide. Neither does the thumbnail preview, that
you provide with your component show any shapes. It shows an empty


I added additional parameters for correct recognizing template shapes on master slides.
Hope it will work better now and such shapes will be visible on thumbnail of a slide.
Hot fix will be available today in a few hours.

When you parse presentation you shouldn’t see these shapes on a slide.
Slide has property FollowMasterObjects. If this property set to true then
slide inherit all shapes from master except template shapes.
Template shapes are shapes on master slide with text “Click to edit master title style” and other similar.