Problem with borders styles and colors


I guess there is a problem with borders and styles/color (the problem already occured before v3.0.6). In the following example, the Cells (1,1) and (2,1) will have the SAME border color altough one should Red and the other should be blue. Could you fix this problem ?

wsh.Cells(1, 1).Style.Borders(BorderType.TopBorder).LineStyle = CellBorderType.Medium

wsh.Cells(1, 1).Style.Borders(BorderType.TopBorder).Color=Drawing.Color.Red

wsh.Cells(2, 1).Style.Borders(BorderType.TopBorder).LineStyle = CellBorderType.Medium

wsh.Cells(2, 1).Style.Borders(BorderType.TopBorder).Color=Drawing.Color.Blue


Try this attached fix please.


Thanks a lot.
It works fine.

We are very impressed by the performance of XL worksheet creation (data and styles), and we will probably definitively choose Aspose.Excel as our “Excel feeding” component.


S. Vallenet