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Problem with Calculation Engine - wrong value given back

With Aspose.Cells the attached worksheet cannot be calculated.

I suspect that it has something to do with the function in cell A4, which is taken from the “Excel Analysis Addins”. Sorry, I do not know the English name for the function, you have to look into the cell.

It is strange that there is no error on executing CalculateFormula. No error is thrown. However, when accessing cell A4 a wrong value is given back.

Michael G. Schneider

Hi Michael,

Yes, this problem is caused by Germany addin function "BRTEILJAHRE". In my English MS Excel, it shows "#NAME?" because it doesn't recoginze it. After searching on web, I think it's English function "YEARFRAC". I will provide a fix for this issue soon.

Hello Laurence,

thanks a lot for the answer. Yes, in Germany the function is called BRTEILJAHRE. Any yes, it may be called YEARFRAC, as it computes the fraction of years for a date range.

However, I do not quite understand your answer. You say that if you open the file with your English MS Excel, the function shows as #NAME?

The function is nothing specific to Germany. Why don’t you see the English name, if you open the file with your Excel? There are two standard addins with MS Excel. Maybe in English they are called “Analysis Functions” and “Analysis Functions - VBA”. If they are loaded, shouldn’t your MS Excel then show the English names for the BRTEILJAHRE function automatically?

Maybe I do not understand the locale specific questions regarding MS Excel. For example, if I use the SUMME function here in Germany, then send you that file, won’t your Excel then automatically display the SUM function for that?

Michael G. Schneider

Please check the screeshot.

When opening the file in English MS Excel, it shows data correctly. But if you click A4, press F2, then press Enter, it shows "#NAME?".

Buil-in functions such as SUM displayed correctly in my MS Excel but AddIn functions don't.

Hello Laurence,

which screenshot do you mention? I do not see a screenshot attached to this post.

Sorry, I still do not quite understand. If you select those two addins from the addin-dialog in MS Excel, will then the name stil not be shown? If the English name for that function is not known to your MS Excel, how would your MS Excel be able to compute the worksheet correctly?

Or is it impossible to use a function from an addin and then send that worksheet to another country?

Michael G. Schneider