Problem with Cells.CopyRow


if i do: cell1.CopyRow(cell1, 0,3); (sourceRowIndex = 0) this metod work good, but if i set sourceRowIndex = any number except 0, this metod not work


Sorry for this bug. It’s caused by a typo. I re-upload the msi and zip file. Please re-download v3.5 at .


I re-upload the msi, but problem not fixed. For sourceRowIndex not equal zero Copy only height Row.


Please check your Aspose.Excel.dll. Is it v3.5.0.1? Could you please upload your template file and sample code here? I will check it ASAP.


I check : Aspose.Excel.dll. Is it v3.5.0.1
Attach file with example


Thanks you for the help. Please try this fix.