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Problem with Documents and Sessions

Hello, I am building documents by appending one to another. I first show the user a list of document, they choose which documents they want and then I append them together. I use an html/javascript page to query the user then send the POST request to an asp.net page (C#) then process the request in the Page_Load() of the document. When the server builds the document it then returns it through the http stream. My problem comes when the user goes to build a second document without closing the window. The document that is build is the previous documents build with the new document appended to the end. I have tried putting my code which declares the document in a function hoping that the function itself was what was holding a reference to the document, I have also tried setting the document to null. Is there a way to destroy the document object so the next document build is with a new object? Or is this a referencing issuse where I need to isolate the document object? Thank you for your time.
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Thanks fro your inquiry. Could you please create sample application that will allow me to reproduce this problem and attach it here? I will investigate this and try to help you.
Best regards.