Problem with formula summing cells from range of worksheets

When use aspose cells to save a file with a line of code like the following:
cell.formula = “=SUM(sheet1:sheet3!C3”);

And then I load the file in Excel2003, I get a cell that has the following broken formula:


It is broken due to the location of the quotes!


Well you cannot add the formula in this way like cell.formula = "=SUM(sheet1:sheet3!C3");

We will support it to set the formula in the way you described soon.

Thank you.


I was wondering whether you have a release available that solves my issue. In the past I have been quite delighted to discover that soon often meant a day or two and am currently disappointed that a month has passed and still there is no update.



Thanks for considering Aspose

We will update you soon.

Thanks for being patient!


Please try this fix.