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Problem with gw_client_path variable

Hi there.

I am trying to insert the aspose grid control dynamicaly into the page as part of user defined control and for some reason the assigning AGWClientPath property from the code doesnt work.

I added the app property to the web.config with the path to the aspose "stuff" folder but it helped only with images.

The view source of the page displays this as path attribute of the grid div :


Instead the path to the aspose client folder i am setting in the AGWClientPath property its using the path of the page i am insterting my user defined contolr and its also adding the / at the end...


The control doesn't support define the script file's path. The AGWClientPath only affect image file path.

Sooo, how can i point the control to load its .htc classes from the correct location?

Right now the page is just dying because its trying to load control behaviour file from the url


and as the result is just hitting the page without any query string parameters causing it to crash.


The url you get is just correct. The grid gets its script files from the page it belongs to. If you are using vs 2005, you should use the HTTP mode to create a website to use the grid.

Ah, damn...I am trying to use this control in the existing project that is not a web site :(

Is your application a winform application? If yes, you can try another control in Aspose.Grid: Aspose.Grid.Desktop.

Well, it is a web application but its not a web site type of solution - its a ASP.NET Web Application. for Visual Studio 2005.

Maybe i could rewrite the path to the HTC file directly :(


We will add a switch in the web.config that enables user to modify the client path in the next release. And for security reasons it will be available only for licensed products.

Thank you.


Its an easy fix right now to modify the path to the htc files - just a replace in the Render method of the page.

We're currenly licensing the Aspose.Word, Aspose.PDF and Aspose.Cells products soo grid is coming next :)

Another quick question - how are you guys dealing with globalization? At the moment i would have to point the control to the different folders for each language...

Can you describe your globalization problem in details?

Well, its not actually a problem...

In our application the language of the interface changes depending on the user login preferences. so i would need to translate the dialogs and the menu into other languages.

Oh, i found a little bug i dont know if you aware of it - the menu of the grid doesnt open properly on top of the dropdown control in the IE 6, the drowdown has the highest zindex - just the matter of placing IFRAME with alpha opacity set to 0 underneath the menu element...


The control doesn't support globalization by far. We will think over this feature and implement it in the future version.

We have noticed this issue. I think it is an IE's bug. We can't find a way to walkaround it bar far.

yes, this issue is fixed in the IE 7 but what we're doing in our application to fix this problem ( and actually a lot of producers of web controls do the same thing ) we place an empty IFRAME with filter stylesheet under the div with lets say a menu and we make sure that our menu div has the zIndex grater than IE fix iframe.

filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(style=0,opacity=0);

this iframe will cover the dropdown or listbox control in IE and the div with the menu will be displayed on top of the iframe.

That’s a good idea. Thank you.