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Problem with Master Templates

I have a POT-file with 14 different master templates that can be switched via self developed PPT-AddIn for our production system.
If I create a presentation with version (just upgraded) cloning the same slide (based on POT-file) 10 times to a presentation based also on the POT-file, the resulting file has 14 + 10 master templates.
This is NOT the expected behavior; the result should only have the normal 14 different master templates.
How can I workaround this?


Dear Peter,

If you copy slides from different source presentations this behavior is
normal because each slide will be copied with own master.

But if you clone the same slide (or slides from the same source presentation) normal behavior is 14 + 1 masters.

After cloning you can change master with Slide.ChangeMaster method.

Also unused masters can be deleted with
Presentation.DeleteUnusedMasters. But I think this function can delete
all your 14 masters…