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Problem with new page and table cell

when I convert a aspose.word into aspose.pdf even if I’ve NOT set in the word document ALLOW ROW TO BREAK ACCROS PAGES into the row cell , I have a row splitted in two pages.

I’ve attached all documentation and sent to your email Tommy Wang []

Thank in advanced

Vivian Federico

Dear Vivian,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry for reply to you so late. I have noted the Aspose.Word to add a “IsRowBroken=‘false’” to the table element. This can make sure the row will not be splited.

I did’t understand … is the problem fixed or I have to wait new release ?
I’ve tried with aspose.word rel. 2.1.10 and aspose.pdf rel but the problem persist.
Document saved with SaveFormat.FormatDocument is correct, otherwise saved with SaveFormat.AsposePDF split row accross pages also the table header is not repeated in new pages.

Thanks and best regards.

Vivian Federico

This document must be in Production Site as soon as possible, so is critical for us…

Dear Vivian,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry for not having described it clearly. I mean the Aspose.Word team should publish a hotfix to solve this problem. We will notify you as soon as the work is finished.

Aspose.Word 2.1.11 is out that supports IsBrokenRow, for more info see


we tried new fix in aspose.word, but seems has problem.

As you can see in .zip file sent to Tommy, if I save document in word format the table width is incorrect, if I save in pdf format the table is ok but the first row after the new page has wrong height.



I have fixed this bug. Please download hotfix here.

Hi Tommy,
Now pdf is well formatted, but word document created is already wrong, I mean the table created has witdh of 8,6 cm instead of 99,8 % .
Have I to wait for a fix aspose.word ?

Thanks again

Sorry I’m not sure about the problem you have with the Word document. Do you have a table in the Word document with width expressed in percent and it gets changed to cm? Please let me know more and send your document to

As requested, we sent files to


Aspose.Word 2.2 is out that preserves table width expressed in percent, for more info see