Problem with placeholder color



When i convert a ppt file to a png file, the placeholder color all become transparent.

For example, the bgcolor of the presentation is blue, i add a
placeholder with white color and type some blue text on it. After
converted it to a png file by aspose (in VB.NET), the white color
of the placeholder become transparent and the blue text will hardly be

Any ways to retain the placeholder color?

Best Regards,



Hello Julian.

Please check if you’re using latest version.


Thanks for the reply, i have updated to the dll and xml now. Also i did some test myself.

In general everything are converted to png as the same showed in MS
powerpoint. But for that particular ppt file, a set of placeholder
still have background color turned into transparent. Also i have
changed my code to convert the png file before doing any operation like
extracting title of the slide. Still cannot keep the placeholder color
for that ppt.

Anyone have this problem before? Is it possible for me to upload the ppt for you to test it out?


Can you send us problematic presentation?


Which email should i send to?


Please attach it to the message in the forum or send by email to


I have sent it to Please let me know you do not receive it.




Hi alcrus and NKuzmin,

Did you guy replicate the problem or it just my own problem?




We released new hot fix yesterday at night.

This problem already fixed.


Cool!! That’s quick!?

Thanks a lot.