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Problem with PrintTitleRows (.NET version with ASP.NET 1.1)


I'm using Aspose Cells for creating spreadsheets. If my workbook contains only one sheet everything goes fine. If my workbook contains multiple sheets and i open the workbook on the client with a DUTCH Excel 2003 i'm being asked for a print_title (Afdruktitels in dutch). I forced to supply a new name which is also visible in the named ranges of the workbook. Only one sheet needs to have another name. The number of sheets, length of sheet titles, streaming in different fileformats, adding an additional empty sheet nothing helps and Excel everytime shows the popop.

I'm not using templates and i'm not able to use them in my environment.

If i don't set the PrintTitleRows no problem, in Excel 2007 also no problem but i need it to work with the Dutch Excel 2003.

I saw in the forum other people experienced the same problem with earlier versies.

Please help.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

What is the complete error message and how do you set the print area and print title rows? Could you post your excel file and paste your sample code here to show the problem. It may help us to resolve the issue soon.

And could you try the following lines of code after you instantiating the workbook object if it works for you.


workbook.Language = CountryCode.Germany;

workbook.Region = CountryCode.Germany;

Thank you.

Setting the Language and Region did not help. However when i made a sample version of the code it seems to run fine. This triggered me in looking further into the problem and it seems to be related to the title of the worksheet. If these are too identical (at least starting with the same words) the problem occurs. I solved the problem by placing a number in front of the worksheet titles.