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Problem with Range Copy

I am evaluating Aspose.Excel and it fits our needs very good. I have a small problem for now:

I have a designer spreadsheet that has PO header information. The header needs to be created every time the PO information changes. So from the designer spreadsheet I use range copy to create a new PO header. Everything gets copied over except the merged cell property.

Here are the codes I use in my Visual RPG for .Net.

path1 = "C:\prod.xls"
sheet = excel1.Worksheets(0)
cells1 = sheet.Cells
range1 = cells1.CreateRange(“A5”, “AA12”)
range2 = cells1.CreateRange(“A13”, “AA20”)
range2.Copy(range1)“C:\prod2.xls”, Aspose.Excel.FileFormatType.Default)

Prod2.xls is the resultant spread sheet created and the cells that are merged do not retain the merged property.
I tried emailing the excel sheets to and my email was returned back with message "Could not relay to EmailID"
Please let me know if this is the right way to do it as I am an IBM AS/400 RPG programmer just learning Object Oriented Programming.

Thanks for your time

Just a quick note:

Please send your files to, not

Laurence will address the rest shortly.

Hi Ram,

I got you file. If possible, I will fix it in the next hotfix within two days.

Hi Laurence
Thanks for the hot fix 1.9.1. Copy range now works great. Now I have encountered the following problems

1. Is there any limitations to the number for merged cells/cell formats Aspose.excel can handle…I am emailing you 2 spreadsheets to prod1 has a sheet with 11 pages and it looks fine. Prod 2 has a sheet with 12 pages and all merge cell properties are lost and the data on the first page is all garbage. for some reason all the merged cell formats
appear across all columns in rows 1 to 26.
2. If I set footer information on the designer sheet to print: Page 1 of ? etc. it does not get saved to the file generated by Aspose.Excel.

Please Help

Hi Ram,

Got your file. I will check it ASAP.

Hi Ram,

Please download fix and have a try.