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Problem with remarks


We use the excel component to open an existing file.
After editing, we save the file using the Excel.Save

The problem is that some of the remarks seems to be corrupted and
that there is somethings a random text present.
You can see both problems in the screenshot that is attached in this post.

The version of the dll we are using is

The VB source:
Dim excel As Excel = New Excel
Dim xlsdir = Server.MapPath("")
excel.Save(xlsdir + "\Test.xls")

Thanks in advance,


For random text issue, it's an evaluation limitation. Please check for reference.

For corrupted comments issue, could you please post your testexcel.xls file here? I will check it ASAP.


Thanks for the fast response.

You will find the testexcel.xls in the attachment.


Hi Dennie,

Your file has some minor differences with a standard Excel file. I fixed it based on your file. Please try this attached fix.

Hi Laurence,

It works with the new version.

Thank you very much for the service.