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Problem with signature image in Word document


First of all, I would like to say we have been using Words for several years now and have been very impressed with it. We have managed to do more with our application than we thought possible with relative ease. This problem is one I have not been able to work out.

I am adding a scanned signature image to a word document. Most of the time it works well but on occasions I end up with the attached file Signature1.png

The signature is there but has been overwritten by the text. I think it has something to do with approaching the end of the page. The content of the letter will vary so I do not know where the signature will appear on each document.

Also some customers do not have electronic signatures so I have to make allowances for that. I do not seen to experience problems where there are no electronic signatures.

I have also attached a copy of the section template.

Let me know if more information is required. Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your request. If you try inserting a signature image using MS Word you will get the same result. It seems there is something wrong with your template.

But I have found the way to resolve this problem for you. All that you need it is just set Line spacing of the paragraph to Single. Please see the modified template attached to this post.

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I thought I replied to this!

Yes, this resolved our problem - thank you