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Problem with Single Column Merge Region Tables

When i do an execute Mail Merge with Regions on a table with only a single column, I am consistently getting corrupted word documents.

Please see my attached files, the table in question is the very last table under the heading “DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY TAX CHARGES”. I am also including the output so that you can see the corruption.

Please let me know if this is a bug on your side, or something I am doing wrong.


For some reason, there are two almost similar tables under that heading. Try to remove one of them (probably the very last one).

Okay, we'll reply as soon as possible.

Make sure you use the latest Aspose.Word hotfix as I think this issue was fixed a couple of weeks ago.

Please note that when whole mail merge region is inside a single cell (like in your example with the single column table) the table row will not be repeated. Only the region between TableStart and TableEnd fields will be repeated.