Problem with Slides.Count

Hello,<br><br>I've done several test, and for different Powerpoint Slides, the get Slides.Count return one more slide than there actually is.<br><br>Espacially with files containing 2 or 3 slides, the get return 3 and 4 slides.<br><br>Did anyone ever had that error before?<br><br>Am I missing smth?<br><br>thx<br>


It’s because one of those slides is a Master. I think it’s always the first one. I found that very confusing in the beginning as well.


Actually, there is two slides master, so it should be indicating 4 or 5 Slides if it was counting them.


I added the PowerPoint to see if anyone get the same error


Masters collection contains only normal master slides (MainMaster).
Slides collection contains slides and title masters. SlidePosition property of masters always equal to 0.
There were many the same questions with answers in this forum so you could find it.