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Problems after cloning slides

Is your problem relating to cliparts not showing in MS-PP2007? Unfortunately, it is still unresolved.

dear msfaiz,

do you have any timeline for me? The product is not useable with pp2007 and this is a great problem for us!

Thank you for further information.



Dear ingo,

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We found out that it is because of a bug in MS-Office 2007, because it disappears after Windows Update installs new fixes for Office 2007. Anyway, we are investigating it.

Can you please verify it at your side?

Dear msfaiz,

we have installed all fixes for office2007 but unfortunately the bug with the logo appears although in ppt2007!

I would very appreciate a solution for this. Thank you in advance. Our customer still becomes angry. ;-(


Hello Ingo,

It looks like latest Office fixes don’t fix all problems. In some presentations unreadable wmf metafiles still exist. Most probably that is just one more Office 2007 bug. As soon as we find the solution we will let you know. Anyway, currently I’m not sure it can be fixed from our side.

Hello Ingo,

We have found the solution for this problem.
Hot fix will be available in a few hours.

Dear alcrus,

it seems that this fix works…thank you very much.