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Problems Selecting Sheet In Runtime


After having had the issue of not being able to use the designer fixed in v2.0, i have encountered another couple of issues that are preventing me using the component.

First of all, I have created a couple of templates in Excel (one workbook with two worksheet), which I have loaded into the grid on the page load event. The problem seems to be that the page will default to 'Sheet1' & when i try to change to one of my template worksheets, the loading image appears in the middle of the grid, but a script error occurs & the page does not recover.

The script error reported is;

'Object Expected'

This issue is preventing me changing between sheets within a workbook.

As well as the latter, i was also trying to use the desginer to create styles and templates for use at runtime, however, when I make changes to the designer, they are not persisted through to the runtime page. For example, I changed the skin of the grid to one of the presets (color2), and then set some textual headers and set some simple formatting such as font, alignment & column widths. I then saved the style as an XML style, pressed ok, and ran the page. When it loads, none of my styles/changes were there. If i then reload the designer and try to load the saved XML style, it just loads the preset colours, but no custom styles or textual headers etc.

This is prevnting me making template changes quickly in the VS.NET IDE.

As per my last log, i am running as follows;

.NET 2.0


Windows XP (Dev Machine)

Aspose 2.0.50727

Any sppedy help would be much appreciated as I am currently trying to produce a POC to demostrate why Aspose.Grid is the component we should be using for an upcoming project.

Thanks again,

Danny Brown


Which version of IE are you using? You may clean the IE's cache and try again.

The designer is used to set the grid's appearence. It can not save the sheet's content to the design time grid. But you may use it to save the content to an Excel file or AGW2 format file and load the file at the PageLoad.

Thank you for considering Aspose.


I am using IE7.0 and in the dev environment is running under IIS5.1 (Win XP machine).

I flushed my internet cache with no change to the reported issue of not being able to change between sheets using the lower command bar at runtime.

The error i encounter upon trying to change sheets at runtime is;

'Object Expected'

Thank you for clarifying that you cannot make content changes in the designer. I will use Excel to create templates to load on start.

If there is any way you can advise how to recitfy the problem with changing between sheets at runtime, that would be great. Time is starting to run out in terms of providing a proof of concept to demonstrate Aspose.Grid's potential.

Thanks again.


Have you tried the installed demos(`http://localhost/aspose.grid.web.demos/`)? Please check if the demos run ok.

You may make a simple project which shows this problem and post it here. We will check it soon.

I have the demos installed and these seem to run correctly, i can change sheets, run custom commands & perform double click operations.

In my own website, i have to run outside of the development environment to be able to utilise the grid. When i run outside of the dev env (via IIS 5.1), i get some strange behaviour from the component.

The grid will render correctly and i can style format and set values through the backend code, i can also change cell values manually. I cannot however change between sheets, perform double click operations or access any custom commands. The first two issues throw up an 'Object Expected' error and th 'Loading' screen appears and does not go away until IE7 is killed. The customn commands however do not appear at-all on my command bar - so i cannot even trigger these. When running through the dev environment (VS 2005), i can see the custom command icons i created, however, due to not being able to run this component through the VS Development Server, clicking on the command buttons, trying to change sheets or trying to double click has no effect and nothing happens (I understand this is by design, please correct me if i am wrong).

The ability to change between sheets, have double click event handling and custom command handling is the primary reason we are utilising Aspose.Grid - whithout these features we are finding it difficult to build a working proof of concept to demostrate why Aspose is the component required to perform the tasks we need.

The fact that these features seem to work in the demos on my local machine suggest that i am doing/configuring something incorrectly, if this is the case could you please advise, as i am starting to run out of time... and hair!!!

Thank you for a quick response.

Much appreciated,



Find attached three screenshots showing each of my issues. I'm hoping fixing one of these issues will fix them all.

Yes, the demos are installed and working correctly.

I have attached screenshots to show the following situations;

Double click grid cell throws - 'Object Expected'

Change between worksheets throws -'Object Expected'

Custom Command buttons not displaying via IIS 5.1

Standard Command Button click throws - 'Object Expected'

The right click menu appears at the top right of the grid on the page load, this does not dissapear until a command on the menu is clicked - some of which throw an 'Object Expected' error.

I am running outside of the VS 2005 Development server, and the custom command buttons do not appear so i cannot trigger them. Also in this run mode, i cannot change sheets, use the standard command buttons (save etc), utilise the double click trigger, utilise some of the options on the right click menu etc.

Standard functionality such as styling the grid etc works fine. Also modifying cell contents when running through IIS works ok too.

Am I correct in saying that this component cannot be run from within the VS 2005 Development server and must be run through IIS?

I have attched screenshots of the problems where appropriate. The problems all seem to boil down to one error 'Object Expected'.

Considering that the demos work correctly on my machine, i am hoping that this is a problem with the way i am doing something rather than the component itself.

Please could you advise on how to rectify these issues as the missing functionality is the core reason why i think Aspose is the component we need to produce the software that has been requested of us.

Thanks in advance for a quick response...

Danny Brown

Apologies for the double post... recieved an error first time.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

It looks very strange that on dev. environment it's working while outside of the dev env. it's not working. Aspose.Grid.Web works in the similar way as our demos demonstrate when installed it properly. Could you check what different settings, configurations you have adopted on the other machine related IIS, .NET env, component, browser type etc. We will also investigate and check your issue.

Thank you.

I think i have worked out what the problem is.

When i run inside a master page, which would be the norm for the project it is being utilised in, the component does not work correctly and we get 'Object Expected' errors when we try to perform the actions i mentioned in my last posts.

When i run it outside of a master page, the problems seem to go away.

Is support for using the component inside a master page supported or have you encountered this issue before and deem it unsupported.

Thanks again.


Hi Danny,

Yes the feature is supported and Aspose.Grid.Web works in Ajax Master page. we will check your issue soon. Which version of Aspose.Grid.Web you are using, did you try our latest version : http://www.aspose.com/community/files/53/visual-components/aspose.grid/entry126616.aspx

Thank you.