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Problems with AJAX

Hi, I am working with Grid.Web, and I need to use ajax to create a Modal Pop-Up and many other features, but it only works fine when I don't remark the "DOCTYPE" tag.

If I set the Doctype on the .aspx page, then the grid loads correctly only if I set the GridWeb1.Xhtml property to false. Even on this case, when I use the Modal Pop-Up from Ajax I got some problems: the Ajax can't find the "center" of the screen and the popup will open on the upper left part of the browser window, and if I use this pop-up to select a specific cell on Aspose.Grid.Web, then I got a rendering problem in my FreezePanes.

In my app, I used the FreezePanes on the first row, and using this pop-up ajax extension then the entire row will be shifted from the grid, but if I click on anything on the screen, like the slide bars to move the grid horizontally, then the freezed row will be corrected.

How can I solve this?




I don't understand very clearly what's going wrong with your app. Could you give us a demo project and some screen shots? Thank you.

Hi, here is some screenshots for my app, the explanation of each one follows:

problem-01.jpg: this is the main screen of my app (the names of cells and worksheets were modified to ensure privacy for my client). At the bottom, we have a bottom "Search Values", that triggers an ajax Modal Pop-Up control.

problem-02.jpg: at the upper left part of screen we see the modal Pop-Up. Because the xhtml tag

is ommited, the Ajax looses the references for the center of screen.

problem-03.jpg: I moved the Modal Pop-Up window so I can enter the values to search (2) and select only the current worksheet.

problem-04.jpg: the results are given in the Modal Pop-Up, and again it looses its position.

problem-05.jpg: I moved the windows, and we see all the found references.

problem-06.jpg: when I click on Cell[D3] link, then the first row (freezed) shifts. Also, the cell that is selected is not ok (but if I enable the tag, then the selected cell will be ok).

problem-07.jpg: even when I close the Modal Pop-Up window, the freezed row is shifted.

problem-08.jpg: to correct the freezed row, I must only move the horizontal scroll bar to solve this issue.


I have some questions. Is the grid in an UpdatePanel? Are those buttons also in this UpdatePanel or another UpdatePanel? And how do you create the pop-up window? Could you show me some code about this?

Thank you.