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Problems with appointment/meeting metadata

Hi, I was exploring ur aspose.email api as i wanted to purchse it.During that,i could not get orgainzer,CREATION_TIME,LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME,FROM,RECEIVED_BY,ON_BEHALF_OF.Is it possible to do with ur api?send me example to do so as soon as possible.

Hi Patel,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

Aspose.Email provides features to access all the above mentioned properties as shown in the sample code below. The appointment/meeting object is to be loaded into MapiMessage to access all these properties. Could you please give it a try and let us know the feedback?

Appointment app = Appointment.Load(“Sample

var msg = new MailMessage();


MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.FromMailMessage(msg);

Console.WriteLine("Organizer = " + app.Organizer);

if (mapi.Properties.Contains(MapiPropertyTag.PR_CREATION_TIME))


MapiProperty CreationTime = mapi.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_CREATION_TIME];

Console.WriteLine("Creation Time = " + CreationTime.GetDateTime());


if (mapi.Properties.Contains(MapiPropertyTag.PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME))


MapiProperty lastModTime = mapi.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME];

Console.WriteLine("Last Modification Time = " + lastModTime.GetDateTime());


if (mapi.Properties.Contains(MapiPropertyTag.PR_SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS))


MapiProperty senderEmail = mapi.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS];

Console.WriteLine("FROM email Address = " + senderEmail.GetString());


if (mapi.Properties.Contains(MapiPropertyTag.PR_RECEIVED_BY_EMAIL_ADDRESS))


MapiProperty receivedByEmail = mapi.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_RECEIVED_BY_EMAIL_ADDRESS];

Console.WriteLine("Recevied by email Address = " + receivedByEmail.GetString());


if (mapi.Properties.Contains(MapiPropertyTag.PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_EMAIL_ADDRESS))


MapiProperty OnBehalfOfEmail = mapi.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_EMAIL_ADDRESS];

Console.WriteLine("On Behalf of = " + OnBehalfOfEmail.GetString());