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Problems with aspose java license


I'm working with Aspose Java. I'm using version which was released on 2011.06.30.

Although the expiry date of the license is in 2011.06.30, when I make a DocumentBuilder.insertHtml, aspose is inserting in my word document the sentence:

Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Words. Copyright 2003-2011 Aspose Pty Ltd.

Why is this sentence appearing in the document if It's suppossed I have the correct license.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your request. Please make sure that you applied license as described here:

If it does not help, you can send your license to me, and I will check it on my side. Please see the following link to learn how to send the license file.

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Thank you for additional information. I have checked your license on my side with the latest version of Aspose.Words for Java 10.4.0, and it works without any issues.

Please make sure one more time that you applied license as described here:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your request, I'll try as soon as I can with Aspose Words 10.4.0 and I will tell you if it's ok the solution.