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Problems with Custom Properties

I've attached an attachment of what my custom properties look like when I attempt to set them.

I am currently setting the properties using the code:

pres.DocumentProperties['my_prop_name"']= "property value";

But as you can see from the attachment, it is inserting the custom properties as an 'unknown' type. In the other aspose products you can specify the type of data using the function overloads,

e.g. in Excel:

oWB.Worksheets.CustomDocumentProperties.Add(Name, "property value");

I can't seem to force the document property to become a certain type, even after trying this:

switch (Value.GetType().Name)
case "String":
pres.DocumentProperties[Name] = Value.ToString();
case "DateTime":
pres.DocumentProperties[Name] = Convert.ToDateTime(Value);
case "Int32":
pres.DocumentProperties[Name] = Convert.ToInt32(Value);
case "Boolean":
pres.DocumentProperties[Name] = Convert.ToBoolean(Value);

Anyone have any experience with getting the correct types to go into the PPT custom properties?

Hi Sam,

I have observed the issue identified by you and it seems to be an issue with Aspose.Slides for .NET. Setting custom document properties for text type does not seem to work, however for boolean and number types it works fine. An issue with ID 18480 has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and further resolve the problem. This thread has also been linked with the issue, so that you may be automatically notified, once the issue is resolved.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Thanks Mudassir.

This is a pretty big deal-breaker for us, do you have any idea when (and if) this would be fixed, and any idea of a timeline for this? If it was the dates or numbers, we could work around it, but being the text it's tough to ignore.



Dear Sam,

I have received the feedback from our development team and hopefully the issue will be fixed by next weekend.

Thanks and Regards,

Excellent! Please let me know when I can download the update.



Dear Sam,

I have received response from our development team.. They have investigated the issue in detail and it's investigated that the issue is not related to Aspose.Slides for .NET. Actually, windows (explorer) simply can't show any text properties that are stored in Unicode UTF-16, although these properties follow Microsoft specification and work perfectly inside PowerPoint. So, we feel that it's just a Windows bug.

We are really sorry for your inconvenience,