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Problems with Gridweb 8.2.2

dear support,

I am suing the gridweb component to display excel webpages.

I installed version 8.2.2 tyhis mroning and sinc ethen, I am encountering following problems :

1. The placement of graphics of the screen is wrong.
When I clcik on the Excel sheet, it reloads and then the palcement is correct.
I did not observe this in 8.2.1.

The location of the column headers is really very bad. It was not optimal in version 8.2.1, but now it is very bad.

Attached you will find screenshots that illustrate the problem

Thank you


Further to it, when I click the confirm button ( red v-shaped button ), it does not relaod the screen and reuslts in a white screen.


Thanks for the screen shots

We observed the issue seeing the screen shots you attached. Could you provide us your template Excel file here, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.

maybe it is related to the acw_client directory setting ??

My web.config file looks like :

In my project file, I have a virtual directory called acw_client (on the root )


I have tested your scenario/ case a bit using your template file with v8.2.2 (latest), it works fine on Opera, FireFox, Chrome etc. I suspect this might be browser compatibility issue for IE, Do you use IE10/11? IE10 or 11 does not show the contents right as you pointed out the issues. Could you test your issue on Opera, FireFox or Chrome if it works fine there.

Thank you.

I am usimng chrome

It is really strange. Sometimes the error appears, and sometimes it doesnt.

I laod the webpage twice and first time it works and second time the graphs are misplaced.
It is worng about 50% of the time…
any ideas ?


Could you create a simple runnable project, zip it and post us here with v8.2.2 (latest version), we will check it soon. If we found the issue, we will log a ticket for it into our database.

Thank you.

it is complicated to do this, sinc ethere are many dependencies on other stuff.

Woudl it not be easier to do a webex ?

Ok, I have found one definite problem.

In the SubmitCommand, I am mdofying the whole websheet.
In fact, I am editing an Aspose.Cells object and saving it into a stream.
I then read the content of the stream into the gridweb.


The VB .NET code hangs when I call the Clear command
This was not happening in 8.8.1.
Can you please invetsigate.

With respect to the other problem, I am still investigating…

Maybe the clear does its job and maybe it is the subsequent importexcelfile() on the Webworksheets that is failing - cant see that from here.

… in the submit command
…editing an aspose,Cells object. wb is aspose.cells.workbook


Well, I am afraid, we need your sample project to evaluate your issue properly. Please create a separate project with Aspose.Cells.GridWeb v8.2.2, zip it and post us here, we will check it soon.

By the way, could you try to add a line to your code if it makes any difference:
Sample code:

ms.Position = 0;

Thank you.

Dear support, I have loaded version 8.3.0 today and it seems that some problems have been resolved with respect to the gridweb object ( eg arrangement of columns ). However, I am still experiencing some important problem with the gridweb object that were not present in the 8.2.0 version :

> placement of graphical objects
> editing cells

Are you aware of any pending issues with gridweb that are currently being investigated and resolved, so that I dont do double work.
If not, I will document my issues and provide evidence


Good to know that latest version v8.3.0 (GridWeb) works regarding arrangement of columns.

Please create separate threads with sample project(s) for the following newly mentioned issues you pointed out, we will check it soon:
> placement of graphical objects
> editing cells

Thank you.