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Problems with License file

we have version of Aspose.Cells. At one of our customers, sometimes an Excel generated with Aspose.Cells contains an error message telling that this is a evaluation copy and no licence file has been found. We didn’t find out how to reproduce the error, most of the time, the excel is generated without that message (It is always the same generated Excel). We set the Licence file in Global.asax --> Application_Start using this commands:
Aspose.Cells.License license = new Aspose.Cells.License();

Any idea, why this can happen?

thank you,

Is your application deployed int this customer's web site, including Aspose.Cells?

When a web application calls SetLicense code at Application_Start event, it should be fine. Is it possible that his program has some problem to access the license file when the appliation is started?


Yes, my Application at the cutomer’s web site is including aspose.cells and most of the time, it is working correctly.
I have a try-catch block around the SetLicence statement and log an exception. So, if the file is not found, I should find it in our log-file, but there is no entry…

No clue for this problem. We haven't met this problem before.

Aspose.Cells only need to be set license once in an application. The license worksheet won't show if license is set.

Is it possible in some case the Application_Start event is not fired? .

What's the environment of your application?

no, application_start is fired fore shure (if not, the whole application would not work). I have found some old code where the licence file is re-set although it has been set already in application start. maybe that is a problem. I will try to remove that old code…