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Problems with new aspose versons


We downloaded the new aspose dll's and are having several issues with them. (Aspose.Words, Aspose.Pdf

1. I randomly get exceptions that the pdf is corrupt. For files that were converted without a problem and displayed in earlier versions.

2 I get an error that the font arial is not supported although there is no apparent problem with displaying the pdf.

3. On some pages our watermark is displayed as little dots in the length of the original text but all of the letters appear as little dots. (Again this seems to appear at random).

Are these known issues?

Thanks !


Thanks for using our products.<span style=“font-size:10.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:

Can you please
share what exact issues you are facing while using Aspose.Pdf for .NET 6.0.0.
If possible, can you please share some code snippet that can help us in
reproducing the same problems in our environment. We are sorry for your inconvenience

Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Could you also attach the word documents you are having trouble with? I will look into these and provide you with some further feedback.



i've attached 2 files - the original one and the pdf output that we get.

1. Notice that some pages are landscape and some are portrait. The watermark is cut in the portrait pages where the landscape watermark is cut (as you can see the portrait watermark is missing the ending).

2. The 3rd pages' watermark is rendered as dots.

3. I get an error when scrolling down the pdf that "Arial is unsupported".

4. when scrolling up and down the pdf i get a corrupt error of the pdf. (scroll to the bottom scroll to the top).

Thanks !

Hi there,

Thanks for attaching your documents here.

As I can see you are using Aspose.Pdf 6.0 to render these PDFs. Please try using direct conversion from DOCX to PDF using Aspose.Words. You can find details of how to do this in this article here.

The only issue with the output from Aspose.Words is that the SmartArt does not appear, this is because SmartArt is currently is not supported upon rendering. I have linked your request to the appropriate issue. We will inform you as soon as it's resolved.

I cannot reproduce any of the other issues. Also note that I was unable to check the watermarks as these are not part of the original document. I believe these are added through code, if so please feel free to attach the code here and I will look into this for you.



1) I would be happy to get the ticket number
2) This is the code we are using for the watermark :

FormattedText ft = new FormattedText(WatermarkText, Color.Gray, WatermarkFont.Name, EncodingType.Identity_h, false, WatermarkFont.Size);

for (int stampIndex = 1; stampIndex <= fileInfo.NumberofPages; stampIndex++)
pageWidth = fileInfo.GetPageWidth(stampIndex);
pageHeight = fileInfo.GetPageHeight(stampIndex);
stamp = new Stamp();
stamp.Pages = new int[] {stampIndex};
stamp.Opacity = WATERMARK_OPACITY;
stamp.Rotation = (pageWidth > pageHeight) ? _landscapeRotation : _portraitRotation;
stamp.SetOrigin(stampOrigin, stampOrigin);

Please notice that the text in the watermark should be long.


As I can see, the input Word and output PDF files are a little different. The Word file contains 13 pages, while the PDF file contains 12 pages. Did you convert the PDF from the attached Word file? Did you convert it using direct Word to PDF method of Aspose.Words? Moreover, please share the complete code snippet, so we would be able to see what exact values you’re using. This will help us reproduce the issue using your particular scenario.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and looking forward to help you out.