Problems with Powerpoint 2003



I have a problem by editing a Aspose generated table in Powerpoint 2003.
When I open the gererated presentation in PP 2003, make some changes (for example deleting a slide) and save if afterwards, the error is fixed.
But if I try to edit the table directly (for example changing column width), pp crashes after two or three operations.

A second problem, again in connection with PP 2003 is the property “Resize AutoShape to fit text”.
I switched the property in Aspose Powerpoint on, in PP 2003 I see that its switched on. But the size of the Textbox does only adjust if I click at the Textbox-Properties and after that on “ok”.

I know these are faults which are not in connection with Aspose, but possibly somebody here has similar problems and an idea how to solve them.



Dear Carsten,

Could you show me your code how you create table and how you change it after creating.
Especially how you change text in a cells.


Dear alcrus,

thanks for answer.

here is my code:

table = slide.Shapes.AddTable(x, y, width, height, 2, 1);

TextFrame fr1 = table.GetCell(0, table.RowsNumber-1).TextFrame;
TextFrame fr2 = table.GetCell(1, table.RowsNumber-1).TextFrame;

if (fr1.Text != string.Empty)

// set table content
fr1.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].Text = “someName”;
fr2.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].Text = “someValue”;

// find out rowHeight and set the value
// …
table.SetRowHeight(table.RowsNumber-1, h);

Please have a look at table on slide number 5 in attachment and try to change column width or row height.



Hotfix 1.9.4 solved it.


With the current version (2.2.4), I am experiencing the SetRowHeight problems as described. Is there anyway this fix got lost somewhere?