Problems with RowFormat.Alignment


I’ve read in the forums that you need to use RowFormat.Alignment to
make the table you’re inserting into your word doc centered. How
do I get access to this RowFormat.Alignment to set it ? I
thought it would be Aspose.Word.RowFormat.Alignment. Do i set it
within my DocumentBuilder?

Please help




Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Yes, if you are inserting a table with DocumentBuilder, you can access the RowFormat object via the DocumentBuilder.RowFormat property:

builder.RowFormat.Alignment = RowAlignment.Center;


Here is a screenshot from my Visual Studio. I type:
builder.RowFormat. and the properties window appears.
No Alignment


Are you using the latest version of Aspose.Word?


Bingo. I was using version

Thanks for the help