Problems with some .ppt files

My company is looking for library for creating and editing PowerPoint files. We've found Yours library and we are interested in purchasing this, but we have problems with some .ppt files, becouse during opening it we gets exceptions (and when we open this files with powerpoint or openoffice there is no errors).<br><br>Our code:<br>               <br> try{<br>      System.out.print("Presentation read ....");<br>      Presentation presentation1 = new Presentation(new FileInputStream(presentationPath1));<br>      System.out.println("OK");<br>} catch(Exception e) {<br>      System.out.println("FAIL");<br>      e.printStackTrace();<br>}<br><br>As attachment we send 2 stack traces for exceptions. If You want we can send You .ppt files, which we couldn't open.<br><br>Best regards, <br>Pawel Mruk<br><br><br>          <br>


Dear Pawel,

Could you also send ppt files please and write what version you use. 1.4.6 ?


Here are these 2 files, which cannot be opened.


xx.ppt files is broken. It can’t be opened with MS PowerPoint.

xxx.ppt has png image which can’t be opened. JAI throws exception.

This exception processed inside Aspose.PowerPoint so ppt file

will be opened but this “wrong” image skipped.