Problems with template



Problems! Usinf VS2005 / VB and trying to open a PPT template with a table (opens ok without the table, ppt as an attachment) and getting the following error:

"System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at Aspose.PowerPoint.Table..ctor(Slide parent, ૸ frame)

at Aspose.PowerPoint.MainMaster..ctor(Presentation parent, ਂ master)

at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation..ctor(೜ fs)

at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation..ctor(Stream stream)

at qa.QAReport.buttSavePowerPoint_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)"


Thank you, we will investigate and fix it.


Any news on this one? This is a radical bug that stops us from using the control right now!


This problem was fixed in 2.3.9 version.
Sorry, I didn’t write about it in the blog.