Problems with Win98 and IE5.5


Does aspose.word support win98/IE5.5? I wrote a very brief program in VB that uses the mailmerge function to pull data from web controls into a word template that contains the mail merge fields. We’ve got the demo of aspose.word running on a server with Server2000 and the .NET 1.1 framework.

I use the doc.mailmerge.execute function to merge the data and then use the doc.Save( _
“sticuOutput.doc”, _
SaveFormat.FormatDocument, _
SaveType.OpenInBrowser, _
function to display the output in the browser rather than in MSWord.

Everything works great on my clients that have WinXP/IE6.0 but when I run the program on Win98/IE5.5 the document doesn’t open in the browser but tries to open the version of MSWord installed on the client. I then either get an error in MSWord or the template opens without proper formatting.

What am I doing wrong?



1. What error do you get on the client exactly? What version of Word do you have on the client? Aspose.Word writes file in Word97 format and if you have pre Word97 version installed it is not going to work well.

2. Regardless of whether you want to open the document in the browser or in MS Word, IE always fires up Word. Just for the “inside browser” case MS Word is run as an ActiveX control inside the browser. So technically speaking MS Word is used in both cases.

3. I’m not exactly sure, but sometimes it depends on settings in IE where it opens documents like this. You know there are dialog boxes in IE which say “never ask me again”. Maybe on that particular client there was a setting made not to open in IE, but open in Word or whatever.


I think you’ve identified the problem. Some of our older clients, particularly many of those with Win98 installed as the OS, have Word95 installed. Yeah, I know, really ancient, but our IT department believes they need to suck every penny out of each investment. Hard to argue with them, except when you run into compatability problems like this. Oh well, we’ll be running this application on Win2000 clients that shouldn’t create a problem. Thanks for your help.



Not sure about Word 95, but we might implement support for Word 96. Some other customers were asking for this, but managed to get around (had only few files).