Process Form Fields In A Document


Currently I have some code that automates Word by processing

For Each oFormField in oDocument.FormFields

And then will either select the formfield and delete it or replace it with some new content. I can also select 2 form fields and delete the content between them as well

Using Aspose can this functionality be matched?



Yes, you can meet these requirements by using Aspose.Words for .NET. Please refer to the following articles:

If you have any troubles, please provide us the following resources:

  • Your input Word document
  • Aspose.Words generated output DOCX file showing the undesired behavior (if any)
  • Please attach your expected document here for our reference. We will investigate the structure of your expected document as to how you want your final output be generated like. You can create expected document by using Microsoft Word.

We will then provide you code to achieve the same by using Aspose.Words. Thanks for your cooperation.