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Produce word and excel files during mail merge


We are uisng Apsose.Total in one of our ASP .NET application. We need to incorporate a mail merge functionality. When theuser clicks the export to word option, it should produce 2 files as output 1 word with mailing lables and 1 excel with mailing list. Is this possible with Aspose.

Requirement: - We should produce 2 files (word and excel) in a single button click.



Thanks for your inquiry. Here you can find example, which shows how to use mail merge:

But you should note, Aspose.Words works only with Word document formats, e.g. DOC, DOCX, RTF etc. You should use Aspose.Cells to work with Excel files.

Please write your questions regarding excel to appropriate forum, my colleagues form Aspose.Cells team will answer you shortly.

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