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Dear All,

First post. Need some help in determining if Aspose is a viable option for a product we’re designing. And if it is, which Aspose components are required and what is the licensing model.

If I’m not in the right forum, please re-direct me.

Overview: Building a low-cost device monitor (a network connected piece of hardware running Linux) that will manage all the print/copy devices in an enterprise. A required feature for the monitor is Word/Excel/PowerPoint conversion to PDF. The document conversion must occur on-board – not on an off-board server.

Are there Aspose components that can be readily ported to Linux and integrated with CUPS?

I appreciate any guidance that can be provided.


Hi John,

Aspose products are APIs and can be used through code only. Aspose.Words for Java can be used to convert Word documents to PDF, Aspose.Cells can be used to convert Excel documents to PDF and Aspose.Slides can be used to convert PowerPoint documents to PDF. You can go for Aspose.Total for Java if you want to build your own application to convert documents to PDF.

Best Regards,