Project reading exception on MS Project 2016



when i try to ‘save as XML’ in a file saved with MS Project 2016 it gives a ‘Project reading exception’ error. If i save as ‘2007’ version it works, but this is only a workaround.

We are using the aspose java library. The error appears to happen with the most recent version of the java library.

I can send the project file if needed (cannot seem to find the way to attach file to this post.)
Can you help?




It is requested to please share sample project file so that we could investigate the issue.
You may find the upload icon available at icon bar in reply box to this forum or you may provide Dropbox/ G-drive download link.


the sample file is here and the ‘share’ expires in a week so you may want to save a local copy.

password: aspose


PS. your upload button does not allow .mpp project files , only pdf, jpg etc


PPS. the password above is to access the sharing service, it is not a password on the file itself. the file is not protected in any way (so that would not be a cause of the error)



We have reproduced the issue and have logged it with ID “TASKSJAVA-736” for further investigation. You will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSJAVA-736) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by MuzammilKhan