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Project reading exception on MS Project 2016



when i try to ‘save as XML’ in a file saved with MS Project 2016 it gives a ‘Project reading exception’ error. If i save as ‘2007’ version it works, but this is only a workaround.

We are using the aspose java library. The error appears to happen with the most recent version of the java library.

I can send the project file if needed (cannot seem to find the way to attach file to this post.)
Can you help?




It is requested to please share sample project file so that we could investigate the issue.
You may find the upload icon available at icon bar in reply box to this forum or you may provide Dropbox/ G-drive download link.


the sample file is here and the ‘share’ expires in a week so you may want to save a local copy.

password: aspose


PS. your upload button does not allow .mpp project files , only pdf, jpg etc


PPS. the password above is to access the sharing service, it is not a password on the file itself. the file is not protected in any way (so that would not be a cause of the error)



We have reproduced the issue and have logged it with ID “TASKSJAVA-736” for further investigation. You will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSJAVA-736) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by MuzammilKhan


Hi MuzammilKhan

thank you for fixing this. Can you please confirm is the file i downloaded from your link still usable by my existing licence? (I would expect it to be so as the file which it was not reading was generated by a MS project version which should be covered by my original aspose library).

thanks for clarifying.



You need to use the latest version of our API and the license shall be valid for later versions if not expired already.


Hi Muzammil,

I downloaded the files from which I thought would contain the API but I am not technical so hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

My developer is saying that the zip i downloaded from the link does not contain a license, and the old license won’t work with it. When you say i need to use the latest version of your API, where can i get that from please?

many thanks



Thank you for writing back to us.

The download package does not contain license file. However, if you have valid license for Aspose.Tasks for Java then it should work with 18.11 release. if your license is not working with this version of API, you may share license file in a private message with us so that we could investigate the issue.

Moreover, for sharing files in a private message, please find “Message” button by clicking on my name.



We have reviewed your license file and it was valid until 25th of February 2017. After inserting in application, the following message appears:

The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until 25 Feb 2017, but this version of the product was released on 30 Nov 2018. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product.

For using the latest version of API, you have to renew your subscription. You may contact us at purchase forum for license related issues.


Hi Muzammil

the difference here is that i am not interested in a free upgrade r any of whatever features which have been released since i bought the licence, I only need the licence to do what it said it did, which is read from MS Project 2016 files. You fixed that bug and put it in a version i am not entitlted to but I am happy if you fix that bug and put it into a version I am entitled to as i do not need any new features.

Please advise how you intend to fix the bug in my own licence file if I am not allowed version 18.




I like to inform that the product license that you are using on your end is older and not supporting latest version which includes fix for the issue. You may please need to renew your subscription in order to use the feature on your end.


Hi Mudassir

it was not included in version 18 at all until i raised the issue that the product you sold me was broken. You chose to put it in version 18 so you have not fixed the problem for me. I want to avoid an argument if we can however I cannot be expected to pay full price for a new licence when it turns out that it does not work with MS Project 2016, which is the main reason i bought it. I do not need any features other than that.

Maybe its possible we can avoid the debate if the price is reasonable - how much are we talking to renew the subscription for the existing licence?

best regards



We are really sorry for inconvenience. This issue was reported in version 18 and fixed accordingly.

Moreover, it is requested to kindly contact us at Aspose.Purchase for license related issues.


Hi Muzammil

i did not report it against version 18 - i reported it against the licence file i had, which i sent through at the time which was NOT version 18. Can you please advise how you intend to get me the version of my file (not version 18) with the bug corrected - i bought the licence under the assurance that it worked with MS Project 2016, it does not. I should not be expected to contact purchasing to pay twice for a product.

I look forward to your response on how you can get the technical fix to me.

best regards



I can understand the issue incurring on your end. However, I like to re-iterate that the issue are resolved in newer product versions and its not like that it gets fixed for a particular version. I request you to please consult further to our sales team in Aspose.Purchase forum your further kind reference. In this forum, we may only offer you help for technical issues incurring on your end.



i am happy to talk to sales if it is them who gives me access to the bug fix without being expected to pay more. however i would not expect to have to explain this entire situation to them. Can you please make the introduction to your sales colleages and inform them that you have been unable to put the bug fix into my file, and i will take the conversation further with them.

Please can you let me know which sales person i will liaise with .




As shared earlier in this forum we can only provide technical support related to issues. You are more than welcome for any technical queries. You may contact our sales team in Aspose.Purchase forum directly and explain your situation related to subscription. You can share this thread link with them and may request for any possible solution for your situation.



When did you purchase the license? The license expiry should be inside your license file. Please note that any new fixes added to a product are released as the next version. That’s the standard approach.

Your license is perpetual as long as you’re using the versions released within one year of the purchase of the license i.e. before expiry. If any version to be used is released after the date of expiry then a license upgrade is required. Which can be upgraded at a discounted price.

I’ll also ask our sales to guide you about it. Please do let me know if you still find any concerns.