PSD to PNG to PSD - Layers aren't preserved in the PSD

When converting a PSD image file to a PNG and then back to a PSD file, the layers in the PSD files aren’t preserved correctly.

The original “twoLayers.psd” file has two layers in it. However when I converted that to “twoLayer.png” and then converted that to “twoLayer2.psd”. The PSD after translation has only one layer and the background has changed to black. The black background of the “twoLayers2.psd” sort of coincides with the “cropped area” of the first layer - the area you get if you crop the image without losing any pixels.The “twoLayer.png” also has this. (18.0 KB)


I have observed your requirements and like to share that when you convert PSD to PNG, the PNG has got no layers. So PNG will be exported as image alone. Therefore, when you will convert that PNG back to PSD, you will not be able to observe the layers available in source PSD. I hope the shared information will be helpful.