Pst error


I have converted an OST file to a PST. It is 36gb in size. Everything converts OK according to your software but it can not be opened or imported into Outlook 2016.
I get this error message: Failed to create all properties in this location.



Have you tried it with the latest version of the API? Due to large size of the file, it seems non-viable for you to share the source OST file with us. Could you please use a subset of data to create a smaller PST and check if it works or not?


Hi team , There is an issue while converting Pst to eml : this issue comes when i am executing runnable jar using 19.3 Email for java. It throws an exception : NodefCassfound : email/aux something like that .
here is the sample file.



Can you please share the working sample code reproducing the issue on your end that we may use to verify your PST file.


This Problem occurs when i am creating runnable jar of our project using eclipse.
While building jar it shows : JAR export finished with warnings. See details for additional information.

Invalid pathcom/aspose/email/aux.classCapture.PNG (8.6 KB)



I have observed the snapshot shared by you. However, based only on snapshot, we may not tell what is issue. We need a working sample project along with all information that you have used to reproduce the issue on our end. If API is functioning then this may be a configuration issue on your end and may not be any bug in API.


I am sending you sample project as excutable jar file. This projects consist of Aspose.Email 19.4 jar,
this project convert pst file to eml file, Please run this project using cmd to get the error.
I sending you image of that exception : (40.8 KB)
This Issue occurs when i am buliding executable jar of my project, but it’s working when i am running my project from my IDE i.e Eclipse. But when i change Aspose.Email 19.4 to Apose.Email 19.1 it’s working.



Thank you for sharing the details with us. An issue with ID EMAILJAVA-34530 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. I also request you please don’t remove the shared file from Dropbox until issue gets resolved. We will share good news with you as soon as the issue will be fixed.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILJAVA-34530) have been fixed in this update.