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Pst file creation


How can i create a pst file without create the “Personal folders” root folder?



There is no such way to create a PST without the root folder which servers for further creation of folders and other contents in the PST storage file. Can you please elaborate why you need a PST without creating the root folder?


Sir i want to create a user define root folder when create a pst file



You may change the display name for root folder as follows:


Moreover, please feel free to write back to us if additional information is required.


Thank you sir…


Sir when i use this code it change the root folder name successfully.
But when i open the pst file in microsoft outlook it not show the new folder name, it show the old root folder name.
In other application it show the new root folder name.



Thank you for your feedback.

We have logged this issue with ID “EMAILNET-39256” for further investigation. You will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.



In case of Outlook, you may need to change the display name of Store object which is displayed as root node in the Outlook. Please try the following code sample for this purpose:


Moreover, please feel free to write back to us if additional information is required.


Thank you sir…


Is it possible to create a pst file using java?



I have observed your comments. I have shared sample code with you. This will help you to achieve your requirements. Please share feedback with us if there is still an issue.

PersonalStorage pst = PersonalStorage.create(“path”, FileFormatVersion.Unicode);
try {
FolderInfo inboxFolder = pst.createPredefinedFolder(“Inbox”, StandardIpmFolder.Inbox);
MapiMessage msg = MapiMessage.fromFile(“msg path”);
finally {


Thank you for this i can not the com.aspose:aspose-email:jar:jdk16:19.1.

Please help so i can try the sample code.



I suggest you to please download the latest JAR from this link.


Its not downloading i’m using open internet connection it means no firewall or anything.



I am not sure what is issue on your end as there is no issue while downloading on my side.



I was able to download it successfully in the other network.
I have a problem i dont know what to place here its having a error.
image.png (3.9 KB)
Please attached file.




I have observed the image shared by you. I suggest you need to please check the inverted commas in the sample code and adding them again. This seems issues to me.



How to send email using java code? do you have sample code to look in to?
How to put data in the PST file i generated?

Thanks Again.



I have observed your comments.

For above please visit this documentation link.

For above please visit documentation link.


Thank you so much it is working now!!!