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how to save pst attachment into pdf format?


There is no direct way to convert messages from PST to PDF. However, you can convert extracted MapiMessage to Mhtml using:

msg.Save("out.mhtml", SaveOptions.DefaultMhtml);

and then use Aspose.Words API to load this MHTML and convert to PDF. Please let us know if you have any further query in this regard.

No no Sir…
I just want to save all the attachment into pdf format which are extracted from the pst mapimessage…
how can i do this??


Aspose.Email API lets you extract attachments from messages, but as mentioned earlier it doesn’t have any ability to convert media to PDF directly. However, you can extract the attachments from email using Aspose.Email API and then use our other APIs for conversion to PDF.

For example, if attachment is Excel file, you can extract and then use Aspose.Cells API for conversion to PDF. Similarly, if attachment is Word document, you can extract and then use Aspose.Words API for conversion to PDF. Please let us know if you have any further query in this regard.

how to get the size of a mapimessage??


You can use the:


property to get message file size from PST file.

thank you sir…

FolderInfoCollection folderInfoCollection = pst.RootFolder.GetSubFolders();
I use this process to fetch the folders from a pst file.But some folders are not fetched which are are already present in the pst file.Please give me any hint for solve this issue??


Please share your sample PST file along with sample runnable code with us for further investigation at our end.

how do i add string value as status into a exchangemapitask?

And also add status into mapitask??

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Can you please share a sample MSG file with us where string value can be set to a task using MS Outlook? Please check Creating new task for setting task’s status using the API and let us know if it doesn’t meet your needs.