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Python sdk bug

in common/, def upload_file_binary, you need to return the data stream. line 78 should be: return self.buf_uploadFile or self.buf_uploadFile.getValue(), of course that's pretty crude. in line 71, your are checking the quality of the c.perform operation; in oycurl as in curl, success is indicated by null/None. so if response is not None: #clean up and return pycurl failure.
overall, the python sdk looks like a java-2-python transliteration, which isn;t all that great. i'm a bit bit short on time right now but if you want, i can at least clean up the any particular reason you are using pycurl instead of httplib2 or requests?


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Thanks for your inquiry. I have logged an issue under ticket id SUPPORT-682 in our issue tracking system. One of my colleagues will look into the matter. As soon as any information is shared by him, I will be more than happy to share that with you. We’re sorry for your inconvenience.