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Q3 2010 Aspose.Word release missing SaveToImage

I just downloaded the Q3 Aspose.Total release and started to upgrade our service that's using it, but ran into errors. the first big one is that the method SaveToImage seems to be missing now off the document object. This is what we are using to create thumbnails because we can pass in a page number and this is how we were told to do thumbnails. Is there a different way now? why wasnt that indicated in the release notes. That's a breaking change and i'd think you'd want to tell users of breaking changes.

How can i create a thumbnail of the first page of a document?

Did Slides, Cells, or pdf.kit change for generation of thumbnails too? if so, whats the new way in those dlls?


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Thanks for your request. Yes, SaveToImage method was removed. Now you should use Save method. You can learn about breaking changes in Aspose.Words API in 9.2.0 version release notes:


Please let me know if you need more assistance, I will be glad to help you.

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Unless i am missing something, that is a big problem for us because the Save method behaves different than the SaveToImage did. SaveToImage had these parameters:

doc.SaveToImage(startPage, numberOfPages, ms, ImageFormat.Png, options);

The important ones being the first two. These gave us the ability to create thumbnail images of the first page of a document. How can I accomplish this with the Save method now? There is not an overload to set startpage and number of pages.

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Thanks for your request. Please try using the following code to achieve what you need:

Document doc = new Document("in.doc");

// Create ImageSaveOptions object

ImageSaveOptions options = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Png);

// Set page count

options.PageCount = 1;

// We should set index of the first page to render.

options.PageIndex = 0;

doc.Save("out.png", options);

Also, please see this page for more information:


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