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Query as to Aspose.Word

I am building an application using C#. I need to output to word, but here is the thing. I need to be able to loop through a table that has check boxes and select them if needed.

My query being is this possible using Aspose.Word to acomplish this ?
So far looking at what is avalible i rekon it must be eh ? Smile.

Actually having a look at the little check boxes they all have the same bookmark feild entry. Is this the feild i will use to change the check boxes property to enabled/disabled ??

Any feedback would be apreciated



Thank you for considering Aspose.

You are right, this is surely available. First, read some information regarding form fields here:

Second, take a look how easy it is to implement using v3.x API:

NodeCollection nodes = table.GetChildNodes(NodeType.FormField, true);

foreach (FormField formField in nodes)
if (formField.Type == FieldType.FieldFormCheckBox)
// If you need to check it
formField.Result = “1”;
// If you need to uncheck it
formField.Result = “0”;