Question about bullet lists and mail merge



I have a merge document that is working great, the only problem is my bullet list is not repeating in the merge, its just creating a new one for each instance of the item its reading in.. is there some way to change this behavior?

Example of what its doing:

[:#] Highlight Item

[:#] Highlight Item

Desired Behavior:

Smile Highlight Item
Smile Highlight Item

Thank you in advanced.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please attach your document template and probably the resulting document to let us have a look at the issue.


Here is my template (one of them) and the result is well, in my previous post but I can attach it to an another reply if you need it. I tried a couple of differnt methods to achieve my goal the first bullet list is just a symbol (of the dot) in front of the item and and other merge bullet list is an actual bullet list. The first one still does a break return but not as bad as the bullet list.


Ray Simpson


What if you use the workaround you’ve come up with but remove the line break? The result looks like a normal list without ugly spaces between the items. Please try the attachment. Does it suit you?