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Question about C# data type ranges and Excel capabilities

This is really an Excel question, but since I am using Aspose.Cells, I thought perhaps the answer would come easy:

1. I believe that I can expect to read/write the full (32 bit singed) ranged of a C# int to an Excel cell. Correct?

2. What about a (32 bit unsigned) uint, which caps at 4,294,967,295 ?

3. A (64-bit signed) long ?

4. A (64-bit unsigned) long ?

In Aspose, would the Cell Type be IsNumeric and the full value preserved? I haven't tested this. Rather, I am trying to figure out what I should test (or change) in my code. Thanks.

All these data types are supported by Aspose.Cells. You can read/write them without any problem.