Question about Calculation in .grid/.cells


Hi I have a question:

We develop software of a scientific nature, so significant figures are very important to us in all calculations. How would you suggest we go about implementing different significant figure strategies on top of your calculation model? For example; do you provide hooks into your calculation engine to allow us to modify results? Or is there an event we could catch? Generally to address this issue we use our own Value class which provides the behavior we need, I’ve been assuming that there would be no way to get your spreadsheet component to make use of our numerical value class.

Thanks for your help,



Hi Michael,

I am not clear about your need.

In Aspose.Cells, we don't allow you to hook into our calculation engine or catch an event. However, you can change the source data to modify results.

For example,

A1 -> 1

A2 -> 2

A3 -> = A1+A2

When you change A1 to 2, after you call the calculation engine, A3 will be 4.