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Question about display chinese to pdf document

Dear Admin :

We use the function "form.fillfield" of aspose.pdf.kit.dll to fill a definded variable in pdf doc , but we found if the cotent is chinese , some case as follow :

one server of 2003 os , and we could got the correct information , but at a server of os 2000 , then we can not get the chinese data , replacing it is empty , when use it , really there is some constraint in using the function , i think so much , but no answer , could you help me?

Much Appreciated!


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This issue may be due to version difference of Adobe Reader. Please check out whether both servers have installed the same version or not. More informations please go to

i have checked the version of acrobat in two diferent server (2003 and 2000) , but i got the the same result -- the same version(6.0 professional) installed , is there some other constraint for using the function ?

Thanks !

Dear Harison,

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Our product is designed for many languages. As for Chinese, Kit works well with trueType font but not with CJK. However, this has already been under our delovoping plan and new feature will be added to support it.

I wonder if your document is coded with CJK font or not, please upload the PDF document for further supporting.

Best regards.

Thanks for replying , but as your saying , we should also get the same issue on os 2003 server , should we?

But , in fact , we use it on os 2003 server working well , because now when we transfering ii to another server of 2000 server , then the case occured , but we erver transfered it to a server of 2000 advance , it also work well , i fell so confuse.



Sorry, the former reply is not exact for your question. I've corrected it. Could you please upload your PDF file?


thank you very much , but how can i get the font of my document , is it trueType or CJK ? by opening the doc , get the property of a variable having definded by using Text Field Tool of Advanced Editing , i got the font is "NSimSun" , is it CJK font?


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What you did is a gool way to fetch font information.

NSimSun is one sub-class of SimSun which is TypeType font of Microsoft. More details please go to and