Question about Splitting and other related items


We wanted to do the following and before we invest heavily in time and money, I wanted to check to make sure that this would be possible with Aspose.Slide.

Based on what I’ve read, and seeing that there’s no specific tool to import individual slides into a database table, this is what I’ve taken to be a possible approach:

1. Load PPTX
2. Store Slide Title and Text into a SQL Server DB table for each slide of the PPTX
3. Create SVG of individual slides and store reference in slide record.
3. Split PPTX to separate files and store reference to each PPTX in slide records.

So now, I should have a table with multiple records for the slides in the presentation.
Then, to recreate a presentation, I would need to:

1. Create Instance
2. Insert into Instance any number of the individual slide PPTX files via stream
3. Final Output of PPTX file

Does this make sense, and would it work based on the Aspose.Slides component?

Or is there a simpler way to do what I am trying to accomplish?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I like to share that Aspose.Slides offers you to store the presentation in the form of streams and then save the presentation in database in the form of byte arrays. However, storing the individual slide is unfortunately not available. I can suggest you two solutions based on which PowerPoint file format you want to deal with. Aspose.Slides for .NET offers you to store the shapes in the form of streams by serialization process and then you can add the individual shapes on the slides in the form of byte arrays in database along with the other necessary parameters like shapes position. You can add the shapes in database table by maintaining shape reference to desired slide so that you may later recall the shape.

For PPTX, the shapes serialization is not available at the moment and you need to add the slides shapes individually in database table by maintaining the text on portion levels so as to preserve the font related properties. You have to add the settings of paragraphs and shapes position as well in database to maintain the paragraph related properties as well. Later on you can devise your own logic to recall the text from database along with its properties and re-create your new slides.

Hope, it clears the concept for you. Please share with us, if you still feel any issues.

Thanks and Regards,

If I were to use the split functionality on the 1 PPTX to create individual PPTX files, would that then allow me to store those individual PPTX files into the database as streams?

Hello Dear,

Yes, in this case you will be actually splitting every single slide to an individual presentation and then you will can easily save the presentation with single slide in the form of streams and later on added to database.

Thanks and Regards,