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Question about template working in concurrent users enviornment

We have some implementation that using a excel template when creating a workbook, something as below:

Workbook wb= new Workbook("C:\Test\MyTemplate.xlsx");

I did some tests, it has no locking happened when the same template used in two application instances running at the same time, so if the template used by one application instance, it can be used by another application instance.

I 'd like to confirm from the support: the concurrent user scenarios are supported in the workbook creation using template. Also I'd like to know if any known issues in this area.



Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

No locking will happen once the workbook object is created however during the creation of workbook object you may get exception saying like the file is in use by some other process. Because MyTemplate.xlsx (not Workbook object) is a shared resource and multiple threads/process are accessing this shared resource. So this shared resource should be protected using Semaphores or Mutexes etc.