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Question about the pricing plan

I’m exploring your API and there’s something I do not get. On your pricing page, it show we can use 100 Document units but i get this error message :

Your have processed '56' documents. Your pricing plan allows only '50' documents.

Although, the process I plan would involve a first API call to get the number of slides of a ppt and then an API call for each slide, converting it ton an image. Could help me calculate what would be the effective for a ppt containing for example 34 images ?

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Hi Loïc,

Thanks for your inquiry. There are two types of API. One are document APIs and other are non-document. We only charge document APIs. All others are free. The limit on other APIs is just to ensure fair usage. All APIs which are used to create, convert or update documents are document APIs. Based on your query, If you will use an API call to get number of slides then it is free. When you will use an API call to convert a slide to an image file format then it will be charged.

Second, we are updating our plans and according to new rules 50 documents are allowed in a trial account. Previously, it was 100 documents. Soon, we will update the pricing page. I hope this will help you.

Please let us know in case of further assistance and comments.

Imran Rafique
Support Developer, Saaspose
Support Team