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Question regarding Aspose Slides for SSRS watermark


we installed Aspose Slides for SSRS on a SharePoint 2013 Farm in order to use it in SharePoint Integration Mode, and to it’s credit it’s working well. However i cannot seem to find a way to get rid of the license watermark, i already put the license file in the same folder as any aspose .dll i could find, but to no avail. The Instruction only covers where to put the license file when installing on the DB Server.


When you get the presentation in with watermark, you will find the locations of folders where the license file can be placed along with name of license file that is expected. I hope this will be helpful and you should also validate if the version that you are using has release date after expiry of your license or not?


Thanks for the answer, the License File is valid until 2022/11/11, so there shouldn’t be any issue in regards to that. However, the watermark does not seem to provide any indication of where to put the license file. Could you specify further? The watermark only states the following: “Evaluation only. Created with Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services Ver 20.10 Copyright 2004-2020 Aspose Pty Ltd”


Can you please share the complete environment details, along with generated output presentation with us.